During a three-year stint teaching at the American Christian Academy in Ibadan, Nigeria, Lee Anne LaPlue was introduced to Jesus Kids. She immediately saw the beauty of this unique ministry and begin leading weekly visits to the home from her school. When she moved back to America in 2014, she continued the relationship with Jesus Kids and became more aware of their significant material needs.


In returning to Nigeria for visits over the next few years, Lee Anne began connecting friends and family in America with the needs of the Jesus Kids Home. In particular, God allowed for His body in America to be involved in purchasing property for the construction of a new living facility for the children just outside of the city.


In 2017, Luke 14 Ministries was founded as a non-profit organization in America purposed to encourage the support and celebration of people with disabilities. As the support of Jesus Kids fell within their mission, Luke 14 Ministries became the primary facilitator of support for the Jesus Kids Home coming from America.