Building Project

In 2015, with the help of friends and family throughout the States, we provided funds for Jesus Kids to purchase a plot of land about 30 minutes’ outside the city of Ibadan. During the purchasing process, Jesus Kids was approved for a government grant to construct a two-room school house on the newly purchased land. Soon thereafter, an architect in Nigeria offered to donate his time and abilities to design and construct a living facility for the orphanage. Plans were established and fundraising began for a hostel which could house up to 60 children. As of January 2019, half of the hostel is nearing completion, making a livable space for the children to move into in the coming months. Additionally, a building next to the original construction site is being purchased by Luke 14 Ministries, allowing for immediate livable space for the orphanage to utilize. The projected balance for the completion of the hostel is $23,000. Donations towards this project are greatly appreciated.