Jesus Kids!

The author of Ecclesiastes writes that “The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride” (Ecc 7:8). Today, we have cause to rejoice because our waiting, which along the way forced a transformation of pride into humble patience, has brought us finish-line fruit. In April, the construction of a new living facility for Jesus Kids Home for Children with Special Needs in Ibadan, Nigeria was completed and handed over to the orphanage.

The housing project for Jesus Kids began with the purchase of a piece of property just outside of Ibadan, Nigeria in 2015. What a joy it has been to see God’s people join together in this project, from churches and individuals all over the United States to architects, bankers and friends in Nigeria. The enemy made multiple attempts to thwart the completion of the work—confiscation of construction equipment, significant flooding threats, telecommunication difficulties, and relational tension—and yet God has faithfully provided even unto the end. He has blessed and multiplied every gift given—every coin in that young gentleman’s ziplock bag of change, every car washed and mile biked by 2nd graders raising money in Nashville, every prayer offered in faith around the world, the 8th grader’s awaited Christmas money, the dollars collected in a rural Baptist church through the impassioned, tearful plea of a classmate, the faithful monthly donations of strangers, the countless hours of construction supervision and accounting spent by faithful servants. What an amazing honor and privilege it has been to watch the Lord provide for His children at Jesus Kids through His body around the world.

While the end of this project is cause for great celebration, there is a bittersweet flavor as well. Working with Mrs. Adamolekun at Jesus Kids and supportive friends in Nigeria has been an amazing blessing and I will definitely miss the excuse for regular physical and virtual contact that this project afforded. With the construction now complete, Luke 14 Ministries will no longer be collecting financial support for Jesus Kids. We strongly encourage you to continue ardently praying for the provision, safety, and blessing of each child at Jesus Kids. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in giving and praying with us throughout this journey. To God be the glory.

With gratitude,

Lee Anne