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A Storehouse of Blessings

One of the best parts of our Luke 14 Party is our Luke 14 Store, in which we allow guests to select a variety of gifts as part of their party experience. Selecting their presents is always one of their favorite parts of the experience. It speaks a love language they can understand, by bestowing gifts we show them their inherent value in both our world and God's kingdom. It blesses them in ways we don't always understand, but the smiles on their faces are proof of their joy!

Carrying out this project is a challenge that wouldn't be possible without the help of our community. We rely solely on donations to provide a wide range of gifts for our guests. Right now, we are gathering the gifts we will distribute at the 2019 Luke 14 Party on April 5 & 6, and we need your help. There are a variety of gifts you can donate, as the wants of our friends with special needs are varied. We've put together a list below to give you some ideas to get started:

ADULT MEN Wristwatches & Pocket watches Handkerchiefs Sleeping pants (S-3XL) Colorful Fleece Blankets Puzzles Houseshoes

ADULT WOMEN Colorful fleece blankets Small pillows Nightgowns (S-3XL) Nail polish Watches & colorful bracelets Houseshoes Eyeshadow

BOYS Youth-sized athletic balls Books & Toys that make Noise Large plastic animals & dinosaurs Play-doh

GIRLS Dolls Books & Toys that make Noise Small stuffed animals (i.e. Beanie Babies) Play-doh

ALL AGES Foam Puzzles Coloring books and Crayons Sidewalk Chalk

Something we always like to remind people as they shop for gifts is to remember the childlike joy our friends can find in the simplest of things. The happiness these humble gifts bring will have a return on investment far greater than you can imagine!

We are extremely grateful for anything you can contribute! Every gift given will bless one of our friends with disability! If you have any questions, you can contact party director Darlene LaPlue at 423-748-4956 or dlaplue@outlook.com.

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