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December Prayer Letter

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Giving Lee Anne's guitar a try.

Hello Friends!

At the end of this month, we are sending a mission team to the Jesus Kids orphanage in Ibadan, Nigeria. Ten of our heroes have volunteered to take time out of their busy schedules to go serve in a country many couldn’t find on a globe! As amazing as that is, I also have a personal connection to the team- my daughter Lee Anne is the team leader and my daughter Caroline will also be going with the team! They will begin travelling on December 23, and return on January 5, 2019.

I know that your hearts and prayers will be with our team on this trip, and I’d like to ask you to pray for these three specific things:

1- Travel Mercies Ibadan is just over 5,800 miles from Knoxville! Our team members will make the journey in small groups, enduring the headaches of travel during the holiday season, switching planes in strange airports, and the usual maladies that come with international travel. Pray that every mile our team members travel is covered by Christ’s mercy, and that they have the peace and strength to serve as ambassadors for our organization, our nation, and our faith as they make this journey.

2- That God Works in the Hearts of those they Encounter

Our Mission work isn’t just confined to our destination, our hope is that everyone they meet, in Nigeria and in travel, will encounter Christ through our team members! Pray that those who come in contact with our team will approach them with open hearts and be prepared to receive Christ’s love.

3- For the Jesus Kids Orphanage to be Changed

We think the Jesus Kids Orphanage is an amazing ministry, and we hope that every time a team serves there, it is changed for the better! Pray that while our team is in Ibadan, the work they do continues to grow this vital outpost of God’s mercy and blessings, and continues to be a beacon of hope in this struggling community.

I know our team is excited to go to Nigeria, and cannot wait to get back and share their memories and knowledge gained through their service. It is always scary to send a mission team into the world, but we know that God journeys with them, and everything will go according to His plan.

I hope this Nativity season, you are reminded of the love God showed when he sent his son into the world, and find a chance to pray for our team going into the world to continue to show that love.

In Christ,


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