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February Prayer Letter

Hudson Bande of King's Ambassadors Christian Ministries International is embraced by a wheelchair recipient.

Hello Friends!

Luke 14 Ministries is off to a fast start in 2019! We’ve already begun meeting to prepare for our Luke 14 Party, our Wheels for Kenya Mission Trip, and Camp Celebrate! It’s bound to be an exciting few months as we work to make these events come together!

Last month, I asked you to begin praying for Camp Celebrate 2019, and this month, I’d like to focus on our Wheels for Kenya Mission Trip. This trip has become one of the highlights of our year, and is a blessing for everyone involved!

As you approach the Lord in prayer, please remember:

Our Team Every member of our team makes personal and financial sacrifices in order to come on this trip. As you pray, ask God to bless them, and for the trip to be a way for them to strengthen their faith in him and be encouraged by everyone they encounter. Ask for Him to begin preparing their hearts so they can be shining examples of His love and grace!

Our Partners This program requires us to partner with an amazing group of people, from the prisoners who repair and refurbish the wheelchairs to the King’s Ambassadors Christian Ministries International who organizes the distribution in Kenya. Pray that our partners are blessed by their association with us, and that through our words and actions, they encounter Christ!

Our Recipients Somewhere in Kenya right now are 200 special friends that God has chosen to receive a wheelchair through our ministry! We do not know who they are, but He does, and in His almighty wisdom has hand-picked them to be blessed through us! Pray for these friends to be encouraged and supported by God as He prepares to bless them with the gift of mobility.

In December, we had the privilege of traveling to west Tennessee and meeting some of the prisoners who help refurbish the wheelchairs we took to Kenya in 2018. While there, we were able to show them pictures and videos of our friends receiving their wheelchairs, and it truly touched their hearts!

We are incredibly excited about 2019’s Wheels for Kenya trip! Every year we make new friends and connections that will allow this program to continue to grow and bless even more friends in the future!

In Christ,


If you are interested in more ways to support our ministry through prayer, sign up to join our prayer team by clicking here.

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