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January Prayer Letter

A volunteer welcomes a camper to Camp Celebrate!

Hello Friends!

The holidays have things running a little behind, but I’m still excited about the upcoming year and the opportunities it will bring for our ministry!

This month, I want to focus on Camp Celebrate, and the people it will impact. In July, we’re going to be holding the seventh Camp Celebrate at the Carson Springs Baptist Conference Center in Newport! Last year, we hosted 32 families for a memorable week in Narnia, and we hope to host even more this year!

I would like to focus our prayers this month on three groups, each of which plays a critical role in making Camp Celebrate a success. They are:

Our Campers Please lift up the campers that will be attending Camp Celebrate in your prayers. They are the reason for this ministry, and what makes our labors worth it. Pray that God will send who he wants to Camp, whether they’ve been coming for years or this is their first encounter with our ministry. Ask Him to open their hearts to receive His love and mercy, and to allow them to experience Him in a real and positive way!

Our Volunteers God continues to bless us with a talented and faithful group of volunteers to support Camp Celebrate. As registration approaches, ask Him to clear any obstacles that lie in the path of our volunteers, and enable anyone who wants to serve to be able to. Ask Him to begin preparing their hearts and minds, so they may do His will to glorify His kingdom!

Our Leaders Our leadership team has been given the awesome and humbling responsibility of organizing and leading this ministry! Pray that Christ works through us to make everything about Camp Celebrate a reflection of Him. Ask Him to fill us with His wisdom, to guide us in our preparations and to be with us every time we gather to continue our work in His name!

Even though Camp is still over six months away, it will be here before you know it! I ask that you keep these groups in your prayers both now and in the months to come, so God’s blessings and grace will cover our preparations as we journey toward Camp Celebrate 2019!

In Christ,


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