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Praying for our Wheelchairs

Somewhere in Kenya right now are 220 special friends that God has chosen to receive a wheelchair through our ministry! We do not know who they are, but He does, and in His almighty wisdom has hand-picked them to be blessed through us!

We would like you to join our team in praying for these friends to be encouraged and supported by God as He prepares to bless them with the gift of mobility.

We've given each wheelchair a number, and we're asking you to choose a number between 1 and 220 and pray for that wheelchair. Ask God to prepare the recipient's heart to receive the gift of mobility. Pray that this blessing will bring a positive change into the recipient's life. Most importantly, pray that this wheelchair will be a vessel that will allow the recipient to encounter and come to know God.

For updates about our Wheels for Kenya team and to register to receive word when your wheelchair is given to a friend who needs it, register using this link.

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