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Social Media and Luke 14 Ministries

Lets talk about Social Media!

Social Media has become a big part of the way we communicate. In an international ministry like ours, having the ability to post something and have our friends around the globe see it immediately is an incredible blessing! We use social media to share our upcoming events, ask for prayers, and show how God is working through our ministry.

At the same time, we realize a lot of our friends are unfamiliar with social media and how to stay involved by using it. To that end, our tech guy, Joe Stout, has written this post to share how we use social media in our ministry and how you can stay in the loop!

Hi there, I'm Joe and I'm writing you from the Luke 14 Ministries Tech Cave, located in the scenic mountains of Uzbekistan! Just kidding, I'm here in Morristown, but Uzbekistan is a lot more fun to say!

Here at Luke 14 Ministries, we use three different types of social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Each of these is a little bit different, so I want to go through and explain how we use each of them to share our ministry with the world, and what you can do to help us reach as many people as possible.

Facebook is the main site we use for social media. It is a balanced site with a lot of options- we set up events, share information and pictures, send messages, link to our website and blog posts, and so much more! Using Facebook gives us a way to get lots of information to a wide range of people! But more importantly, it gives those involved with our ministry a way to interact with us and each other! If you're following our Facebook page, you can help us by sharing our posts and pictures on your Facebook wall, and liking and commenting on our posts! You can also reply to other comments, and get to know the incredible people in our community.

Instagram is a visual means of communication. The focus is sharing pictures with small blurbs of information. We're lucky to have tons of photogenic friends in our ministry, and our Instagram is full of smiling faces and powerful images of God's love in action. We're learning to use pictures to tell stories that words cannot do justice, and Instagram is our main way to do that.

The last platform I'm going to talk about is Twitter, and it's one we are still working on learning to use effectively. Twitter is designed to give short bursts of information, and posts are limited in length. It forces users to be creative and carefully select the words they use, which can lead to powerful thoughts and statements. The best thing about twitter is it is easy to share these thoughts through "re-tweeting," and we hope to produce a lot of content worth sharing.

I hope this information has been helpful, and I hope it gives you a little bit more understanding in how we use social media, and how it reaps great blessings for our ministry. I've shared links to our social media pages below, and I would love for you to check them out!

As I wrap this up, I hope you'll get involved in our Facebook community, enjoy seeing God's love in action on our Instagram, and follow our Twitter to see how its limitations bring power to our ministry's ideas.

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