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Reflections: The Wonder of Renewal

Our April reflection is written by Bethany Brown, one of our 2019 Wheels for Kenya team members! We are grateful that she was able to find time in her schedule to pen this reflection, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

Come broken and weary Come battered and bruised My Jesus makes all things new All things new —Andrew Peterson

You know how kids tend to get a little giddy on Christmas morning? Spring does that to me, in a quieter way. Meandering along the sidewalk with my dog in the early morning, I may see one new flower head pushing through the dirt and stay there several minutes. Or I might stand and stare at the blue sky through the spidery limbs of a tree, armed with new shoots of life. Look at the sidewalks as you drive to work, you might find my lying on my stomach, taking a picture through the new green shoots of grass, late for work myself. The dew soaks through my tennis shoes, wetting my toes, but I can’t move, frozen with wonder at the way God is remaking the world.

Every year He does it.

Every year, I am surprised.

Every year, I think the winter will most likely just go on and on and on and never end, but it never does that.

I’ve seen the same thing in my life time and time again. I slide into a dark crevice or a wide pit made by my own stupidity or the creep of Satan’s lies. I didn’t see it coming or I jumped in feet first. Either way, the darkness and cold seem complete and permanent and I am sure I will never escape. I’m tied to this new prison, believing some ancient lie about God or myself. I do not deserve to be released, but I cry out for deliverance anyways.

And, every time He rescues me.

And, every time I am surprised.

Every time I think the sin and lies have conquered me, but they never ever do, because Jesus already won the battle for my heart. Nothing can defeat Him now.

I think that cycle in my life is why I’m so mesmerized with spring. Every new cloud of purple flowers in a yard chokes me with emotion as I turn inward and see the new flowers growing where old scars rest in my heart. The pain of yesterday is covered with the tender growth of tomorrow.

One of my favorite songs for this season is part of a larger work called Resurrection Letters, by Andrew Peterson. (If I could suggest a soundtrack for your spring, the two albums that make up volumes I and II would be my highest suggestion). I quoted the song at the beginning of this post. Go back and read it now and as you do, remember, the dark crevices in your heart will bloom with wild flowers if you let Jesus do the work He loves to do.

Welcome to Spring!

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