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Through Yira's Eyes: Introduction

We're very excited to bring a new series to the Luke 14 Blog, "Through Yira's Eyes." Yira is a very talented writer, who is going to bring a unique perspective to her posts. There's so much more we could say, but we'll let Yira introduce herself...

God created the world in 7 days. He gave us the task to take dominium over all things in the earth and over the earth. Not happy with that, God instructed us to enjoy the world and its beauty. What comes to mind for you when you think of wonders? Is it a sunset overlooking the ocean? Is it mountains filled with falling leaves and everchanging fall colors? Is it the birth of a child? Is it snow on the ground and trees covered in white? As you read this blog and many other blogs to come, I want you to think about what you consider to be the wonders of creation and how you experience these wonders with all your senses.

My name is Yira and I am completely blind and have been so since birth. My mother had me when she was 5 and a half months pregnant. I was born unable to breathe on my own and had very little reflexes. My parents were given the choice to not save me because it was unknown what kind of complications I would have. However, my parents chose to save my life and continued fighting for me. My blindness was caused by a common disease in the 1980’s called retinopathy of prematurity. Basically, the blood vessels that held the retinas together burst and caused my retinas to become detached. I currently have only 5% of my retinas still attached and can see some lights and shadows.

I was basically the miracle child. My mom had 7 miscarriages before she had me. I was probably supposed to be one of them, but God had other plans. As a baby, my mom had to feed me every 10 minutes day and night. She had to give me CPR a couple of times because I aspirated my milk. When I was four, I had a seizure due to food aspiration which almost killed me. I was in the hospital many times with asthma attacks and basically lived in a bubble so I wouldn’t get sick.

You may ask yourselves how a person like me enjoys life and the wonders that God has created? I can’t tell you all my secrets just yet, but I do hope you stay tuned. In the following blogs I hope to share with you how I experience the wonders that God has created for us to enjoy. I will give you a few clues though. Great visual descriptions from trusted friends bring the world to life and relying on touch, hearing, taste and smell becomes key as I navigate my world.

You may also ask yourselves how a blind person like myself lives normal life. I will probably not dedicate a blog to do so but I can tell you that I have my ways. I do not miss having vision because being blind is all I’ve ever known. Yes, I do wish I could see the moon, the sun or a solar eclipse but other than that I do not wish to see. My vision loss is irreversible because they cannot transplant the retinas or teach my brain to see. However, this does not stop me.

Now I will tell you a little about myself. I am a Liberty university school counseling graduate student as well as an over the phone Spanish interpreter. I use the computer by relying on screen reading software and am pretty good with technology. You can say that my room is similar to a science fiction lab because I talk to everything and everything talks back to me. I also know how to cook safely and do everything a sighted person does but differently. My life is normal, and I am a normal person with dreams, hopes for the future, disappointments and happiness. If you have any questions about how I do things, please feel free to ask.

I am also a Christian. My testimony is another blog all together, but I believe and love Jesus with all my heart. I believe that God created all things for us to enjoy and take care of them. I believe that love conquers all things and that compassion removes all barriers. It is compassion that made Jesus heal without judgement. It is compassion that makes police officers do unthinkable acts of kindness and compassion that unites us no matter where we come from. In the eyes of God, we all are equal and have worth. I pray that all of you may see God’s love and compassion every day and that you show it to others around you every time you are able. I pray that you enjoy the wonders of creation just as God has commanded all of us to do. In our busy lives filled with work and other responsibilities as well as technology right at our fingertips it is easy to miss the little things found in the natural creation of God. I invite all of you to walk with me and look at the world through my eyes. May God bless you in all things and thank you so much for taking the time to read this message that God sent for me to give to all of you.

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