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Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Cox

Today, we shine our spotlight on the multi-talented Emily Cox! From serving in costume to designing decorations, Emily is a key part of our ministry, and we are blessed to have her!

Emily in costume as the White Witch

Tell us a little bit about yourself I moved here three years ago from New Jersey with my husband and three children. I have a passion for outdoor sports, surfing and snowboarding are two of my favorite. I love being out in the woods. I'm a bit of a daydreamer and love creating whether it's theatrical sets or in my garden. My father is an artist in the amusement industry and I enjoy any opportunity I get to work with him.

What made you get involved in Luke 14 Ministries? Mrs. Darlene Laplue a fellow dreamer asked if maybe I could do a lion for the African themed Luke 14, 2 years ago. I was praying for a way I would be motivated to use my artwork. This was the start.

What events or programs have you participated in, and what roles did you fill? Here in Tennessee I have been privileged to do set work for Luke 14 parties and the summer camp, Manley Baptist vacation Bible School, and Legacy theater.

What excites you most about bringing this year's Luke 14 Party theme, "The Wonders of Creation," to life? This years theme I believe is personally impossible to pull off in comparison to the reality of how spectacular God's creation is. Nothing I ever create with my hands will ever compare to things God has spoken into existence. Therefore, what we desire and hope to capture and create is a sense of awe for those visiting through multiple sensory artistic expressions. That is the excitement of this years challenge for us.

What is your favorite thing about Luke 14 Ministries? Seeing people enjoy the fruition of a vision that is put into reality.

What is the most memorable experience you've had with Luke 14 Ministries? Greeting people as the White witch for the Narnia Luke 14 party will always hold a special memory with me. It was an honor to receive their love as I greeted them.

Your father has played a major role in this year's Luke 14 Party, allowing us to use his artwork for the invitations and t-shirts, and will be travelling to display the original piece at the Party! What does it feel like to share this ministry with someone you obviously look up to as an artist? Having my father's art featured in Luke 14 feels so right to me personally. The talent I have was passed from my dad to myself. So, it is like an extension of where I come from and who I am. It reminds me of how Jesus would say He was about His Father's work. They are one and the same. I am honored and proud of my earthly father's ability to not only put his heart on canvas, but also to share it with others. Whatever the talent one might have I say, 'Take courage, take the risk put it to use, share it, and watch what happens."

How has being involved in Luke 14 Ministries affected your walk with Christ? I've really enjoyed the experience of working with the body of Christ towards one goal. It amazes me what God can accomplish, and it gives me more of a desire to seek what he wants me personally to be on board with. It reminds me that there's no better feeling then when you are doing exactly what you know the Lord wants you to do.

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