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Volunteer Spotlight: Katie Pratt

Today we're shining our volunteer spotlight on Katie Pratt, our Luke 14 Party volunteer coordinator and an irreplaceable supporter of our ministry!

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, where you're from, what you do, hobbies, things you enjoy doing besides Luke 14, etc...) Oh i'm pretty boring, I grew up in Morristown , I'm in nursing school, and I for hobbies I like to read and work in disability ministry.

What made you get involved in Luke 14 Ministries? I got involved with disability ministry after meeting the LaPlues, they have the ability to pull people right along with them.

What events or programs have you participated in, and what roles did you fill? I have volunteered at Camp Celebrate since the first year, I am also the volunteer Coordinator for the Luke 14 Party

What is your favorite thing about Luke 14 Ministries? My favorite thing is seeing people come and have fun, I love seeing their faces when they realize they are loved right where they are , I love even more when I get to see people encounter Jesus through the volunteers and the participants.

How did your experiences in disability ministry affect your desire to become a nurse?

My desire to become a nurse has been strengthened by seeing other nurses love our special friends so well, and seeing that their hearts as a nurse aren't only to help people from a medical standpoint but to help them make as much of the time they have as special and fun as it can be. I love the opportunity that being a nurse will give me to work closer with those living with a disability and the opportunities that it may open to work with those affected by disability in other parts of the world.

What is the most memorable experience you've had with Luke 14 Ministries? Storms that have moved and missed the party, young people who show up to volunteer even when their uncomfortable, different people denominations and backgrounds coming together for one purpose , oh and piglets getting lose and of course hissing cockroaches on a serious note, I have a fantastic memory of the prayer right after volunteer orientation and all the football players being in line with one older lady between them holding hands during the prayer, different ages backgrounds and races all coming together to love Jesus and others.

What is the most incredible transformation you've seen a volunteer go through from the start of an event to the end?

Oh it is so hard to narrow it down to one transformation, I've watched young people come through the doors terrified of what they may experience and leave with the hearts and attitudes totally different. I've seen adults come planning to bless someone else and leave being the one blessed. I've watched Jesus do things that only He could as buddies are paired with guests and find out they share a language, a hometown, a favorite story or hobby or that they simply share a love for Jesus. I've watched teenagers dance with wheelchair wipe drool and hold little ones up so they could dance. I've seen young people come one year for volunteer hours because they had to and then come back the next year because the wanted to. I've seen Jesus change hearts and lives literally  in front of my eyes and it is the most amazing thing.

How has being involved in Luke 14 Ministries affected your walk with Christ? Luke 14 has taught me a lot about my walk with Christ, I've learned to depend on Him more when I turn on the weather the night before the party and see all the storms headed our way, I've learned to what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus as I've watched buddies wipe slobber and push wheelchairs, and I've gotten a great lesson on how to be content where the Lord has put me by seeing the joy on the faces of so many of our guest despite there physical disability. I've been blessed to learn so much from our Participants.

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