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Volunteer Spotlight: Teana Weems

Today our volunteer spotlight shines on Teana Weems, a member of our Wheels for Kenya mission team. This will be her third time as a member of our Kenya team, and her experience and heart make her an irreplaceable part of our group!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I was raised in the military and I married my childhood sweetheart. Our families were stationed in Athens, Greece and I was ten years old when I saw the cutest boy in the world pitching a baseball. Seven years later, we lived two blocks from each other in San Antonio. I’ve been married to Reggie for 43 happy years. We have three children and ten beautiful grandchildren.

What made you get involved in Luke 14 Ministries? My brother was born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart problem. When Jimmy was five years old, the ladies from my parents’ church gave him a wheelchair. Four years later, he walked into Heaven. But my precious mother quickly found another special little boy who needed a wheelchair and she passed it on. Watching the gift of a wheelchair bless so many was a grace to me. I wanted in on this blessing!

What events or programs have you participated in, and what roles did you fill? I am an RN and have served as a nurse on each of the Wheels For Kenya trips.

What is the biggest difference you see between working as a nurse in America and the work you do on the Wheels for Kenya trip?

In reality, God has used the Kenyans to help me see how truly desperate we ALL are.  In remote villages in Kenya, many live in mud huts and eat the same foods every single day. The children play stick ball on the dirt roads and the disabled crawl on the ground, hidden away from the public eye. It’s easy to see the disparity between their way of life and western culture. But I am a hospice nurse in America. I visit some beautiful homes filled with modern electronics and elegant furniture, yet the patients who live in those houses are dying. No matter how we dress it up, we all face the same plight. We all are desperate for God to give us our next breath. Some know that. Others don’t. I’ve learned that from working in both worlds. 

What is your favorite thing about Luke 14 Ministries? I love seeing how Jesus ministers to EVERYONE involved. We all are recipients of God’s grace and it’s so evident in this incredible ministry.

What is the most memorable experience you've had with Luke 14 Ministries? A little boy named Justin, that we met in Kenya really touched my heart. He had a traumatic brain injury, following a motorcycle accident. Both of his siblings had died and his mother left. His dad brought him to a wheelchair distribution and we all fell in love with this beautiful little guy.

You grew up with a disabled sibling and have been involved in disability ministry as an adult. What encouragement would you give someone who is new to disability ministry?

Look in the eyes of each person you are touching. Talk to them. Get to know them. Be their friend. My brother brought immeasurable joy to many lives...including mine. He was more than just a disabled child. He was a little boy with a big personality and lots of love to share. Don’t miss out on that.

How has being involved in Luke 14 Ministries affected your walk with Christ? My life will never be the same. Everything I have and everyone I love is God’s mercy to me. Every day and every breath is a gift.

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