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Wheels for Kenya Prayer Requests

Luke 14 Ministries will be sending a mission team to Kenya on May 25, 2019, to distribute wheelchairs and share God's love. In preparation for this trip, we are holding a day of prayer beginning Friday, February 22, 2019, at 6:00 p.m.. We would love for you to join us, and you can register by going to the Day of Prayer page on our website.

As you pray, we ask that you remember the following requests and needs:

WHEELS FOR KENYA Pray for our Wheels for Kenya program as a whole, that God will continue to bless and strengthen it and will guide our leaders in their decisions so this remains a powerful witness of Christ in a developing nation.

WHEELCHAIR DONORS Pray for the families who donate the wheelchairs we distribute. Pray that God will bless those who have used the wheelchairs in the past, and for their families to know that by donating, they are touching someone they may never meet with Christ's love.

WHEELS FOR THE WORLD Pray for our partner organization that provides the wheelchairs we distribute. Pray that God will continue to bless their ministry and for our organizations to maintain a profitable partnership to serve Christ.

PRISON WORKSHOPS Pray for the men working in prisons across the country to revive the wheelchairs and give them new life. Ask God to reach into their lives through the work they are doing and reveal himself to them, giving them the same new life they are giving the wheelchairs.

WHEELCHAIR TRANSPORT Pray for the men and women who will work to transfer the wheelchairs from the United States to Kenya by rail, truck, and ship. Pray for God to watch over those working to move our precious cargo to another continent, and for Him to reveal Himself in their lives so that they might know him.

GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS As our cargo enters Kenya and we prepare to depart, many details such as customs and visas will be in the hands of Kenyan government officials. Pray for God to bless them with the knowledge that through their service, they are allowing a great need to be filled in their nation, and to allow them to do their work quickly and efficiently.

WEATHER Pray for favorable weather on our journey and during our stay in Kenya. Pray that God's mighty hand creates weather conditions that enable us to do the most good for His kingdom.

LEADERSHIP Pray for our trip's leaders to be blessed with the wisdom and reason needed to make this trip a success. Pray that God guides their decisions to allow Wheels for Kenya to reveal Him to the people we serve.

TEAM MEMBERS Pray for our team members to undertake this trip with servant hearts and readiness to be Christ's hands and feet. Ask God to be their comfort in trying moments, and to give them the perseverance to touch as many lives as possible in the short time we are there.

THE NATION OF KENYA Pray for the entire nation of Kenya, that they will come to know Christ and have His blessings bestowed upon Him. Pray that they continue to grow and become part of the international community, and that their leadership will guide the Nation according to God's will.

KING'S AMBASSADORS CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL Pray for our partners in Kenya who work just as hard as we do to organize this wheelchair distribution. Pray that God strengthens our relationships and allows us to work together to glorify Him through our work.

WHEELCHAIR RECIPIENTS Pray for those who will be receiving a wheelchair. It is amazing to think that right now, God is at work making a way for 200 people who we don't even know yet to receive the gift of mobility from our mission team. Pray that God eliminates obstacles and allows those He has chosen to see His love through our work.

WHEELCHAIR PERSONALIZATION Pray for our team members who will work hard to customize each wheelchair to its recipient. Pray that God gives us the supplies we need to give everyone the perfect wheelchair for them, and that each chair becomes a durable aid to the person receiving it.

MEDICAL TREATMENTS Pray for God to guide the hands of our medical team members as they work to heal those we come into contact with. Pray that He blesses the patients with His peace and comfort, and grants them the healing only He can give.

TEAM SAFETY IN KENYA Our team will be on the ground in a city of five million people. Pray that God watches over each and every member of our team, as well as our partners in Kenya, and allows us to safely complete His work.

TRAVELING MERCIES Pray for God to be with us as we make the almost 6,000 mile journey to Kenya. Ask that he bless the crew members of our planes, the mechanics that work on them, and the air traffic controllers that guide them. Pray for good weather and for our luggage and supplies to arrive with us so we can begin our work as soon as possible.

FOR CHRIST TO BE REVEALED Pray that everyone who encounters our team sees Christ and His love in us, and that through our work, His kingdom is revealed.

GOD'S WILL Pray that God's will be done through the work of our ministry. Ask him to continue to bless us as we work to further His Kingdom here on earth, and to spread His grace and mercy on us as we prepare to undergo this mission trip. In the stillness of the night, reflect on His goodness, and praise Him for allowing us to be His hands and feet in our fallen world.

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