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Why Should You Volunteer?

There are a lot of things you can do with your time. You could read a book, go skydiving, hang out with friends, or even take a course on astrophysics! So why, out of all the things you can do, should you choose to volunteer at our Luke 14 Party?

We've got a few good reasons...

See God's Love in Action Our Luke 14 Party has one purpose: to bless our friends with disability! But in the process, we've learned that everyone involved will be blessed by seeing God's love in action. Every year, our volunteers come away telling about the ways they saw love in action. It's an incredible and powerful experience, and something well worth the time spent.

Make Friends that will Love You Forever The first time one of our friends with disabilities wraps you up in a hug is something you will never forget! Our guests have a wide range of special needs, but the thing they all have in common is that they are full of love that they want to share with you. As you spend time and get close to them, you will find a friendship stronger than anything you have ever experienced.

Work with other Amazing Volunteers We have the best Volunteers anywhere! Every year, we are amazed by the unique variety of volunteers that come to our event, and how God uses each of them to reveal His kingdom to everyone who attends. It is a team unlike any other, and the experience of working with them will be something you will never forget.

In Serving you will be Served This sounds like a paradox, but we've always found it to be true. Serving at our Luke 14 Party is an incredible way to be served yourself. Being surrounded by so much love will fill you with an irreplaceable happiness and bring joy to your soul. As you work with our guests, you will be blown away by their joyful natures!

Be Challenged Everything already on our list may make serving seem like a fairy tale, but there are unique challenges you will encounter that may push you to your limits. Serving our friends with special needs is difficult sometimes, but putting yourself aside to serve them to your fullest ability is a life-changing experience. In being challenged, you will find part of yourself you never knew was there.

Every year, we are blessed as new volunteers are introduced to the joy of disability ministry. Although this is not a complete list of reasons, we hope what we've shared has convinced you to come volunteer at our Luke 14 Party and experience this ministry yourself! For more information or to sign up, visit www.luke14.net!

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