Register a Volunteer

Could you be a Luke 14 Party Volunteer in 2020? Do the following things apply to you:

-You want to have a life-changing experience in the spring of 2020.

-You want to serve others, particularly those suffering from disabilities.

-You want to witness faith-affirming moments and see God at work around you.

-You want to build friendships with people who love God and love the people they are serving.

If this sounds like you, use the link below to register for the 2020 Luke 14 Party!

If your school or group requires you to complete volunteer hours, we are happy to sign off on them! Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Laura Broyles (423-8273-9414 or, prior to the event so we can make sure your paperwork is completed.

If a member of our leadership team has contacted you about serving in a special role during the party, please register using this link.