Get Involved

At Luke 14 Ministries, we don't want you to look at yourself as just another donor, volunteer, or prayer warrior. We want you to see that when you become a part of our ministry, you are becoming the hands and feet of Christ to our friends, like...

-The sixteen year old boy who was lame from Kenya who didn't have a wheelchair until he received one through Wheels for Kenya.

-The six year old girl with Down syndrome who felt like a princess at the Luke 14 Party.

-The newborn girl taken off the streets of Nigeria and given a home through the Jesus Kids Orphanage.

-The family of an active nine year old boy with autism who was able to get some rest while a short-term missionary cared for their son at Camp Celebrate.

Your involvement in Luke 14 Ministries allows us to create opportunities for our friends with disabilities to encounter God's love in a real and lasting way. There is no single role that we need filled. We cannot carry out our programs without volunteers, donors, and prayer warriors working together to serve our friends.

At the same time, getting involved will bless you in ways you can never imagine. When you encounter the people Christ invited to His banquet table, you will find  your heart opened to see God's love in a whole new way.


Get involved today. It's a decision you'll never regret!